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Hay’s Leading Edge Jewellers has been trading on the Downs for just over 50 years. The business was started by Glen’s father, Mr Colin Hay, and is now owned and operated by Glen & Melinda Hay.Glen & Melinda pride themselves on a jewellery business that is traditional yet modern, professional yet friendly, country yet cosmopolitan.We are primarily a country jewellery store and so cater to most people from the customer who wants the latest $30 Pandora bead to the diamond conassoir who desires that stunning $30,000 diamond ring.We have arguably the best trained and friendliest staff imaginable. We put in a tremendous amount of time and energy in educating, motivating, and qualifying them to the highest standards. Whether it is sales related, repair related, or just for some sound advice, our staff are there and ready to handle it all. Our staff are fantastic and we’re proud of them.

We have the most beautiful jewellery in the store. Some is sourced in Australia and some is sourced overseas. Glen & Melinda travel overseas at least twice a year visiting jewellery fairs and overseas manufacturers for the latest in fashions and styles.We are one of the founding members of Australia’s leading jewellery group, Leading Edge Jewellers. This gives us access to a vast array of world class marketing, the best industry knowledge on tap, brilliant training facilities, the very best suppliers, and a team of fellow members who are all leaders in their respective cities.We love what we do and we look forward to giving you a warm welcome to our store.

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If you'd like to sit down with one of our friendly jewellers and put your ideas down on paper, simply choose an available time and enter your details. Our jewellers will help you articulate your ideas, and put together a sketch to allow you to visualise exactly what your next piece look like.

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